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ನಮ್ಮ ಬಗ್ಗೆ..
About us..

This is an effort to introuduce ourselves and share our story of how this website came into existance.

My name isn't unknown on internet, but definitely it wasn't known in the context of Kannada. Having studied in kannada medium and being surrounded with people who are proud kannadiga's always kept reminding me for doing something for my mother tongue.

Last year (2006) I wanted to send a greeting on new year to all my friends in kannada. Digging through internet produced numerous greetings in english and other languages but very few in kannada language, and they weren't up to the mark. Finally i ended up making my own greeting in kannada and sent it to all my friends. From that day onwards i started wondering why shouldn't i make greetings in kannada and share with other kannadigas. After 4 months i moved to Canada and had a plenty of time to work on something like this. I started working on creating a few greetings on experimental basis and the response was tremendous. I moved on to make it a full fledged kannada-greetings website and this website was born.

Somu contributed numerous touching poems to many greetings of this site. Read more about his other work on kannada on his blogs http://navilagari.wordpress.com and http://bannadanavilu.wordpress.com

Many people provided their valuable feedbacks that helped us improve this site.

Its been a pleasure making this site and contributing something for kannada's internet presence.

Thanks for listening, Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

-Sanjay Kattimani
















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